Apply for Dr. Hear Externships

If you are interested in externship opportunities with drhear contact Dr. Weissman. Our setting is primarily adult testing in an ENT practice and adult rehabilitation in an audiology clinic. Email him, a cover letter, your resume/CV, 3 letters of recommendation and a resume or narrative of things you have done outside of school and audiology. We like to get a snapshot of the entire person when selecting externs. Hearing about things our externs have done outside of the field helps. Candidates and externs in the past have shared things such as their participation in sports, clubs or religious groups, raising pets, hobbies, work history, travels. Really anything is OK. We just want to glimpse at what fires you up.

PDF docs are preferred, word docs are fine. You can email your items to rjw at drhear dot com.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!