Hearing Aid Repair & Service

If you have a hearing aid that isn’t working correctly or needs repair, don’t throw it away or leave it sitting in a drawer!

Many times, these old or broken hearing aids only need a small hearing aid repair or reprogramming and they’ll work as good as new. Bring your hearing aid to us for hearing aid repair and one of our hearing specialists will examine your hearing instrument completely FREE.

hearing aid repair

Most hearing aid repairs can be done in our office at no charge and the same day. These types of repairs include: fixing battery doors, tubing, minor reprogramming of many types of instruments, earbud replacement, extensive deep cleaning and minor patching. You shouldn’t let small problems like these impede your hearing or force you to spend hundreds or even thousands on a new instrument. Take advantage of our hearing aid repair service and expertise and bring in your hearing aid now.

Other more extensive hearing aid repair needs can be done for a small charge. Typically, our center only charges a manufacturer’s fee to fix an instrument. These hearing aid repairs include circuitry, fixing holes or split hearing instrument, corrosion, repair or addition of extraction cord, and much more.

Our hearing aid repair services can service and repair any hearing aid or assisted listening device. Call us today or stop by and we will look at your device and do our best to get it back into a working state.