Dr. Weissman,


ou fit me with digital multi channel noise suppression hearing aids one year ago. When you described the technology in the hearing aids, I laughed to myself, these hearing aids have more technology than the first fighter jets I flew. During my evaluation, you explained my hearing loss might be due to noise exposure and baro trauma from frequent depressurizations during missions. I believe your assessment is accurate. No one else ever explained this to me.

I first learned I had a hearing loss 25 years ago. I am a physically fit fighter pilot (translation, macho) and there was no way any one was ever going to get a hearing aid on me. I will never forget the day you said to me, “Colonel, your hearing loss is much more obvious than a hearing aid.” I begrudgingly agreed to try a pair of hearing aids. I regret I did not do this sooner. I cannot believe how much better I hear and understand. To think I waited so long because of vanity is unbelievable to me.

My brother-in-law complains about his big box store hearing aids continually. I cannot relate, my devices have worked exactly as you stated.

In closing, I know your hearing aids are some of the most advanced devices available. However, I believe your knowledge and demeanor is more important than any technology.