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Whisper Hearing System

The Whisper Hearing System

Established in 2017, Whisper is a team of artificial intelligence, hearing care, hardware, and software experts coming together to solve the challenge of providing better hearing. We set out to make the Whisper Hearing System so our parents, grandparents, friends, and teammates can have a tomorrow that sounds even better than today.

The Whisper Hearing System is a learning hearing aid that gets better over time. With Whisper, rather than owning hearing technology that quickly becomes outdated, you will receive regular software upgrades containing new features and improved sound processing every few months. Day to day, the Whisper Hearing System uses artificial intelligence in our Sound Separation Engine to optimize sound in real-time for you.

Unlike other hearing aids, Whisper is sold via a simple monthly plan. This plan includes:

  • Ongoing care from a local hearing care professional.
  • The Whisper Hearing System.
  • Regular software upgrades.
  • Three-year loss and damage warranty.
  • An introductory rate of $139/month*, (regularly $179/month).

More than just a hearing aid

The Whisper Hearing System has earpieces like a traditional hearing aid, but what makes it unique is the pocket-sized power and intelligence of the Whisper Brain.

There are 3 key components in the Whisper Hearing System

  • The Whisper Brain which optimizes and sound in real time using our Sound Separation Engine
  • Earpieces which transmit the optimized sound to your ears
  • The Whisper app which delivers regular software upgrades