Brain Listening

Brain Listening

1. Your brain uses the information from your two ears to orient you by localizing sound.
2. Inside your brain, sound waves become sounds that you recognize.
3. When you are listening, your brain helps you focus on the conversation
4. Your brain can separate out unwanted noise.

Why Does this Matter? Have you ever said “My hearing isn’t that bad I just need concentrate harder?”

It takes intense processing to convert air pressure (sound waves) into electrical impulses the brain can interpret. When the sound signals from your ears is compromised, your brain tries to fill in the gaps. This effort can lead to fatigue, isolation and other things.

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That’s why it’s important that your brain along with your ears, gets the all the support we can provide with todays technology.

Modern properly tuned hearing aids are designed for your brain . They provide awareness of sound, environmental cues and noise cancellation to assist your brain.

High Tech Technology Today:

  • Orients according to position of sounds, binaurally.
  • Separates different sound sources
  • Can zoom in on what is important
  • Help you make sense of each sound